About Kevin

Kevin Ballantyne, BBA, CPA, CA, CBEC®

 Kevin Ballantyne

Kevin is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their cash flow and increase profits while guiding business owners to freedom and financial literacy. He does this through Grant Thornton LLP’s Senior Financial Support and Advisory services.


Kevin brings more than three decades of professional financial experience with many different industries, from large public companies to small owner managed firms. He has always strived to help non-financial leaders to strategically grow the business, improve cash flow and profits and educate them on the variousaspects of finance including properly interpreting financial information to make better decisions. Kevin takes a team approach to helping businesses, bringing in the right specialists as needed. These specialists include government grant experts, debt advisors, cloud accountants, HR advisors, cybersecurity experts and so on.


In addition to being a Chartered Professional Accountant, Kevin is also a Certified Business Exit Consultant (CBEC®) where he works with Business Owners to plan their transition out of their business in the way that best meets their goals, following a seven-step process. This helps to get the business and the owner ready to sell and make the business less dependent on the owner, thus giving the owner more freedom. An excellent way to get an estimated value of your business and find out how to increase that value, is for Kevin to perform our Business Health Check on your business.


To help Business Leaders and Owners improve their financial literacy, Kevin provides a course called Finance for the Non-Financial Leader where participants learn how to read and improve financial statements, learn how to properly finance their business, how to determine the business value while increasing that value and much more.


Contact Kevin at kevin.ballantyne@ca.gt.com or 519-744-2079 for a free no-obligation appointment or to find out more about the services he provides.